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Unbekannte und Shadow-Assets

You need the right tools to continuously monitor your environment to detect and identify these shadow assets. Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View® provides a comprehensive solution that gives you the visibility and context you need to protect your network and secure your assets effectively with decisive action.

SecurityCenter Continuous View Shadow IT Capabilities

  • Active Scanning – Periodically examine assets to determine their level of risk to the organization.
  • Intelligent Connectors – Meta data matters most—put your investments to work in your security program with closed-loop, real-time connections to the business
  • Agent Scanning – Nessus agents provide speed to discovery and remove challenges such as credentials
  • Continuous Scanning/Listening – Better context faster by knowing instantly why and how known/unknown assets are communicating and then prioritize your response
  • Host Activity Data – Tenable’s host data logs what’s changing and what’s being added across any environment or asset

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