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How “Shifting Left” with Secure DevOps Can Reduce Your Cyber Exposure, Featuring Gene Kim

Today, Infosec and DevOps operate in silos with different and sometimes competing mandates. DevOps teams focus on velocity with continuous iterations while Infosec teams focus on managing risk and control. With the meteoric rise of microservices architectures enabled by application containers, the disconnect between DevOps and Infosec puts the organization at significant risk. Traditional vulnerability and remediation processes are ineffective in securing containers. Instead, security must be integrated into the CI/CD toolchain as a critical test to discover vulnerabilities and enforce enterprise policies before production.

This webinar features DevOps pioneer Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook and founder of TripWire and IT Revolution. Corey Bodzin, VP of Product Operations at Tenable joins Gene to discuss current secure DevOps challenges and suggest techniques, organizational changes and solutions that can help DevOps and Infosec adjust to these new realities.


Corey Bodzin

Vice President, Product Operations, Tenable

Gene Kim

DevOps Pioneer, Author, Researcher and Entrepreneur

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