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Technical Support Plans

Support Plans

In order to receive technical assistance, a support plan is required for all Tenable software deployments. Customers that have licensed the software through subscriptions, or perpetual customers that have an active maintenance contract, will receive the applicable technical support services described below during the term of their respective agreements.

Standard Advanced Elite
Support Hours 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365
Service Level Agreement 24hr response objective P1-Critical: < 2 hr
P2-High: < 4 hr
P3-Normal: < 12 hr
P4-Low: < 24 hr
P1-Critical: < 1 hr
P2-High: < 2 hr
P3-Normal: < 6 hr
P4-Low: < 12 hr
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Portal Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support - Yes Yes
Bypass Level 1 support. Direct access to L2 Elite TSE support - - Yes
Intimate knowledge of customer environment, network topology, assets, deployment locations, deployment schedules - - Yes
Proactive support - - Yes
Holistic case management - - Yes
Early entry access to beta releases - - Yes
Exclusive access to Technical Support tools & communities - - Yes

Plan Features and Definitions

The Standard Support plan is included with the subscription or purchase of Nessus Professional. The Advanced Support plan is included with the subscription or purchase of Tenable.io, SecurityCenter Continuous View and SecurityCenter. Nessus Professional customers may upgrade to the Advanced Support plan for an additional fee. Customers on the Advanced Support plan may also be upgraded to the Elite Support plan for an additional fee.

  • Advanced

    Advanced Support Plan Features

    Email Support

    All named contacts with a valid support contract may open a support case by sending an email to [email protected]. All cases opened via email will receive a case priority of “New”.

    Tenable Community Support Portal

    All named contacts with a valid support contract may open a support case by logging into the Tenable Community. The Community contains the cases, Knowledge Base, documentation, Q&A forums, collaborative groups and other resources. A list of available phone numbers (for customers with phone support) and a button to initiate a live chat session are also available in the Community. Additionally, the primary support contact may also add/remove support contacts via the Community.

    Chat Support

    Chat support is available to customers with Advanced or Elite Support plans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The chat feature is available once a named contact has logged into the Tenable Community.

    Phone Support

    Phone support is available to named support contacts with Advanced or Elite Support plans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Phone numbers are listed in the Tenable Community.

    Support Contacts

    Support contacts must be reasonably proficient in the use of information technology, the software they have purchased from Tenable, and familiar with the customer resources that are monitored by means of the software. Support contacts must speak English and conduct support requests in English. Support contacts must provide information reasonably requested by Tenable for the purpose of reproducing any Error or otherwise resolving a support request.

  • Elite

    Elite Support Plan Features

    Direct Access to a level 2 senior engineer

    • Elite Support customers have direct access to a level 2 senior engineer, bypassing level 1 support and ensuring speedy response times.

    • Direct access to a named level 2 senior engineer ensures an intimate knowledge of the customer’s environment, network topology, assets, deployment locations, and deployment schedules.

    • All level 2 senior engineers are seasoned engineers with deep knowledge of Tenable’s products.

    24 x 7 x 365 Support

    • Technical Support is available 24x7x365 for Elite Support customers.

    • Elite Support customers can open a case via email, phone, chat, or the support portal, and will receive faster incident response times

    Early Entry to Beta Releases

    Elite customers can take advantage of early entry into Beta Releases. They will be the first in line to take advantage of new enhancements and will have the opportunity to review product enhancements and new features, and provide valuable feedback before the changes are made generally available.

    Proactive Support and Case Management

    With Elite Support, customers will receive proactive support and case management. Elite Technical Support Engineers work closely with customers - this results in recognition of potential issues and configuration adjustments prior to impact. The consultative approach to troubleshooting ensures cases are managed holistically.

  • Optional Offerings

    Optional Offerings

    Technical Support Operations Manager

    The customer will be provided with a Technical Support Operations Manager (TSOM) to act as a single point of contact for all Support needs for a period of one year. The TSOM Manager will have a detailed understanding of how you have deployed and currently use solutions in your environment. The TSOM will provide monthly account reviews, case consolidation and organization and case monitoring. They will ensure timely responses and proper resources, and act as a technical escalation point for all Support needs.

    Dedicated Technical Support Engineer

    The customer will be provided with a dedicated Technical Support Engineer to provide you with dedicated and in depth technical support experience to manage, fix and resolve all Tenable support cases quickly. The TSE is highly trained with all Tenable products and will be 100% dedicated to the customer during regular business hours.

  • Definitions


    End of Sale. When a version of the software is EOS, the software is generally retired and it is expected that a customer will start using a newer version. EOS software may continue to download content updates and security patches, but no new features will be added. Critical defects for EOS software will be addressed at Tenable’s discretion. A version of software will be EOS no sooner than eighteen (18) months after the first generally available (GA) release in that major version family. For example, if the first version of SecurityCenter 6.x was released January 1, 2015, then all versions of SecurityCenter 6.x will be EOL no sooner than July 1, 2016.
    End of Life. When a version of the software is EOL, it will no longer download any updates and Tenable will no longer provide patches. Support is not available for software that has reached End of Life. The End of Life date for a product family will be no sooner than 12 months after the End of Sale date (see below for the definition of EOS). For example, if SecurityCenter 6.x was EOS on January 1, 2017, then all versions of SecurityCenter 6.x would be EOS no sooner than January 1, 2018.
    A failure of the software to conform to the Tenable published documentation and specifications governing said software at the time the order was sent to Tenable; where such failure impacts operational performance, functional performance or ability to license.
    Correction of Error(s) in order for the software to continue performing functionally in the manner for which it was licensed and any and all improvements that related to performance but do not provide new features or functionality for the software. Fixes will be incorporated into new versions of the software. Tenable does not commit to backport Fixes to current versions of the software.
    Generally Available. A version of the Software is GA when Tenable customers can generally download it or license it.
    Amount of time between the initial reporting of an issue, and the first response by a technical support engineer.

    Issue Severity

    Response time is prioritized based on the issue severity. Critical and High severity issues must be opened via Phone or Chat in order for Response Time Objectives to apply.

    An Error has caused a catastrophic failure of the software that has rendered the entire system unusable.
    An Error that substantially degrades the performance of the software or materially restricts the use of the software.
    An Error in the form of a bug or administrative issue is preventing a non-critical software function from working.
    An Error that causes superficial impact on the use of the software. Also, questions related to use and features of the software.
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